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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Calender & Special Summer Discounts for December 2014

Pay using cash or Paypal.
You can pay in person (for local clients) or by Paypal (for nationwide clients)

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Email: Tennebula@gmail.com

All treatments are offered in-home, in person, long-distance or by phone:

Psychic Aura Healing (1 hour) - $60.00
Psychic Chakra Healing (1 hour) - $60.00
Crystal Healing (1 hour) - $60.00
Spiritual Counseling (1 hour)- $60.00
Prayerwork (1 hour)- $60.00
Chakra Balancing (1 hour)- $60.00
Shamanic Healing (1 hour)- $60.00
Akashic Record Healing (1 hour) - $60.00
Goddess Purification Healing for The body (1 hour) - $150.00

Private Instruction /Class
Private Psychic Protection Tutorial - $200 (2hr class)

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